Indiana Fishing License Age Requirements

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Discover the minimum age requirement, , and youth license options when applying for an Indiana fishing license.

Indiana Fishing License Age

Minimum Age Requirement

In Indiana, individuals must be a certain age to obtain a fishing license. The minimum age requirement for purchasing a fishing license in Indiana is 18 years old. This means that anyone under the age of 18 will need to have a parent or guardian purchase the license for them.

Age Exemptions

There are some exemptions to the minimum age requirement for obtaining a fishing license in Indiana. Children under the age of 18 are exempt from needing a fishing license if they are participating in a “Free Fishing Days” event. During these designated days, anyone can fish without a license, regardless of age. This is a great opportunity for young anglers to experience the joy of fishing without the need for a license.

Youth License Options

For young anglers who are eager to fish beyond the designated “Free Fishing Days,” Indiana offers youth license options. These licenses are specifically designed for individuals under the age of 18 and are available at a reduced cost. Youth licenses allow young anglers to fish in the same waters as adult license holders, providing them with the opportunity to enjoy the sport of fishing while learning about conservation and stewardship.

Overall, Indiana provides opportunities for anglers of all ages to enjoy the sport of fishing. By understanding the minimum age requirement, age exemptions, and youth license options, individuals can ensure they are compliant with state regulations while experiencing the thrill of fishing in Indiana’s waters.

  • Indiana fishing license :
  • Minimum age requirement is 18 years old.
  • Exemptions available for children under 18 during “Free Fishing Days.”
  • Youth license options:
  • Reduced cost licenses available for individuals under 18.
  • Allows young anglers to fish in the same waters as adults.

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